MEBREX electric solutions GmbH is committed to the security of supply of electrical energy. This is especially true in complex, combined island or OFF-Grid systems, systems from the grid, photovoltaics, wind and water power, in combination with energy storage (batteries). But also as a supporting hybrid system for electric vehicles to save costs, space and weight and still be able to achieve a reasonable range.


Today life would no longer be conceivable without electricity. "The world no longer turns without electricity". This particularly applies to communication, connectivity and convenience. Without communication media, we are cut off from information and outside help. Lack of connectivity, separates us from family and friends.


A lack of infrastructure at charging stations also extremely restricts e-mobility, which means that there is little willingness to buy an electric car. With the patented MEBREX hybrid system, we want to counter this uncertainty and remove the barriers to a faster switch to an e-vehicle.




The usual comfort, which results from the constant availability of light, heat and cold, would have to be temporarily foregone without the OFF-Grid solutions.



Efficiently saving CO2 and affordable for everyone is the credo.

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