MEBREX electric solutions GmbH is convinced that the question of a more secure energy supply can only be answered in a sustainable and resource-saving manner with a sensible combination of solutions.

With the lowest possible total CO2 footprint.

Resource-saving both in terms of the overall CO2 footprint and costs.

For this purpose, the respective supply facility is subjected to a holistic and systematic examination. MEBREX offers a solution which guarantees 100% self-sufficiency in full or short-term island systems.

The MEBREX solution helps to keep the CO2 backpack of battery-bound, but also regenerative energy systems small. 

Operation is reliably reduced to the necessary minimum by the built-in automatic system, with operation always taking place at the highest level of efficiency.

The high energy density of liquid energy carriers is used to keep the weight and the installation space in mobile applications as low as possible. At MEBREX there is a fast charging process. The saving of the charging time is 80% compared to a conventional charger

For example:

A battery with 24V and 120Ah needs to be charged; this requires 3h: 45min with a 16A charger available on the market. An 11A charger takes 5h: 20min. The MEBREX quickly charges the same battery in 49min20sec time savings of 80%! 


Research Output (Forschungsergebnisse)  


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Dr. SCHACHT Hans Jürgen 


SCHLATTE Christian


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