MEBREX electric solutions GmbH is convinced that the question of a more secure energy supply can only be answered in a sustainable and resource-saving manner with a sensible combination of solutions.

  • With the lowest possible total CO2 footprint

  • Resource-saving both in terms of the overall CO2 footprint and costs.

  • For this purpose, the respective supply facility is subjected to a holistic and systematic examination. MEBREX offers a solution which guarantees 100% self-sufficiency in full or short-term stand-alone system.

  • The MEBREX solution helps to keep the CO2 footprints of battery-dependent, but also regenerative energy systems small.

  • Operation is reliably reduced to the necessary minimum by the built-in automatic system, with operation always taking place at the highest level of efficiency.

  • The high energy density of liquid fuel carriers is used to keep the weight and the installation space in mobile applications as low as possible. At MEBREX there is a fast charging process. The saving of the charging time is 80% compared to a conventional charger


       A battery with 24V and 120Ah needs to be charged; this requires 3h: 45min with a 16A charger available on the market. An 11A charger takes 5h: 20min.

       The MEBREX quickly charges the same battery in 49min20sec time savings of 80%! - Highest degree of efficiency - Highest efficiency - Quick Charge process

Research Output 

  • 2017 - Enhanced Diagnosis for Small Engines  Basso, R., Schacht, H-J., Stephan, S., Kirchberger, R., Rath, M., Neumayer, M. & Reisenberger, C., 1 Nov 2017, JSAE/SAE Small Engine Technologies Conference & Exhibition.Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding › Conference contribution

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SCHACHT Hans Jürgen

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SCHLATTE Christian