Optimisation of existing energy systems

POWER CUT – black out – storm – grid overload

How the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) recently asserted “A large power grid is the most complex existing artificial mechanism and, although the public in economically developed nations generally expects the electricity supply never to be interrupted, there is unfortunately no sturdy and reliable power network”.

According to analysts, the facilities that people most need in the event of a power cut are health care, public buildings and petrol stations. Therefore, the question of how a petrol station, in the event of a power cut, can be kept operational (lighting, communication for the management and pricing) must be answered.

*European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity

The patented MEBREX System/Technology

“Shotgun method” add on function developed and patented by MEBREX

Mebrex has thought about how an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be implemented cheaply in terms of efficiency (CO 2 costs and marketing aspects (environmentally friendly image).

(* Development by  Dr. Schacht (Mitgründer) 2009 - 2013 an der TU-Graz)

MEBREX presents four possible solutions that are subsequently commented upon and evaluated.

Solution 1

An autonomous power supply can be attained by means of a generator. This generator must, however, be dimensioned in such a way as to be able to supply the required power at any time, preferably instantly, and automatically.


  • Fuel supply is available



  • High costs due to necessary over-dimensioning and black start capability                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Currently and in the future not the best solution in terms of image and CO2 avoidance.

Solution 2

A battery bank, which is continuously charged in case of a power cut. This method is common in IT and on servers, where mostly only short power interruptions need to be avoided. 


  • Tried and tested technology, at least during short blackouts or for small performance demands.

  • Is seen as environmentally friendly due to being a CO2 free solution.


  • High battery cost. Not having a fallback feature, it must be set up for the worst case scenario.


Solution  3

Renewable forms of energy production supply a by far better image. The available space on the flat roof above the petrol pump would appear to be an ideal place for the installation of solar collectors.


  • A very good solution for a green image due to its use of renewable energy.


  • The available space for the solar modules would not be sufficient for the required demands. In order to serve as an emergency power supply, a battery such as in solution 2 would be needed.

Solution  4 - The MEBREX Solution


  • Best solution for a green image through the use of renewable energy (what is possible, not only what is necessary)

  • A clear and palpable solution

  • Minimal installation costs via smaller components

  • Scalable for diverse application sizes

  • CO2 free during short power failures

  • During long power failures the generator runs to the minimum required (Automatic Start/Stop)

  • Fuel supply is already available

  • Use of low CO2 fuels (E.fuels) in development


  • For the Time being, a functional demostration of the installation is carried out for a lower scale (performance)


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