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Travelling to discover new destinations is truly one of the most amazing and exciting things in life!


It is always beautiful somewhere. A travel log could begin that way. Going on holiday does not always mean getting on a plane and leaving the airport some hours later. When travelling in a motorhome or camping, you are flexible and independent – and can discover much of the surroundings.

A camping holiday should, however, be well organised. The MEBREX MEB 1.4/MEC 1.4 takes care of the most important things! Whether wishing to utilize an extra air-conditioning unit, the parking heater or the cooling system while the motorhome is stationary, or wishing to maintain your communication, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones outside of campsites, you can charge without need for extra charging facilities.

The MEBREX MEB 1.4/MEC 1.4 charges the battery directly and with the AUTO-START /STOP function electricity consumption is handled much more conveniently. A further significant feature is that over-charging of the motorhome’s battery is avoided, protecting the battery naturally and prolonging its lifespan. The minimal installation time and the thus reduced installation costs make very convincing sales/purchasing arguments.

In the add on version, only a plug is required - connect and ready. You need not do without your coffee machine, your oven for fresh bread at breakfast or your hairdryer and can even cook with an induction stove, completely without gas. Never before have so many international holiday-makers been truly “on the road”.

With the MEBREX MEB 1.4/MEC 1.4. you will never be stretched to your limits and have to give up your daily luxuries.


SELF-SUFFICIENT anytime and anywhere

With the  MEBREX MEB 1.4/MEC 1.4 you have the same comfort as at home, you do not need to give up your usual cooking habits. You have the possibility to use your TV/hi-fi system and can run your air-conditioning and parking heater – anytime and anywhere.

Example: You would like to charge a battery with 24V and 120Ah, and this, with a 16A charger, needs 3h:45 minutes. An 11A charger needs 5:20 minutes.  MEBREX requires only 49 minutes and 20 seconds making a time saving of 80%! The highest level of efficiency.

There is no need to do without any of these things and you should be able to sleep free of concerns. The MEBREX MEB 1.4/MEC 1.4 is run cleanly and quietly using Aspen alkylate petrol. This is free from pollutants such as benzene and has 99% less hydrocarbon in its emissions. Furthermore, the combustion chamber is protected, ignition is easier due to the start-stop function, and a longer lifespan is achieved. (Photo (c) Concorde Centurion Lounge)

MEBREX example - Motorhome flat battery with 20% residual charge

Clarico-Full Image
MEB 1.4

12 Volt 
  •  Nominal voltage 12V DC

  •  Power rating min. 0.6 KW / max. 1.1KW

  • max. current 90A
  • Avaiable from summer 2021!

MEC 1.4

24 Volt (large motorhome)
  •  Nominal voltage 24V DC

  •  Power rating min 0.6KW / max. 1.6KW

  • max. current 60A