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They who give up their freedom to gain security  WILL LOSE BOTH!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.” (Mark Twain)

Set sail, head off and leave everything behind. You can take part when the new generation of 12V direct current generators come onto the boat market.

Whether you want to self-sufficiently uphold your boat air-conditioning unit, your on board heating,  your cooling system during lay days, your navigation, your communication on long passages,  the MEBREX SAVIOUR BP 1.4 charges the battery directly and, with the auto-start/stop function, is also more convenient for the crew.

A further significant feature is that an over-charging of the boat’s battery is avoided, protecting the battery naturally and prolonging its lifespan. The minimal installation time and the thus reduced installation costs are substantial advantage compared with existing systems.

In the add on version, only a plug is required - connect in the engine compartment and ready. This is not just another nicely told story for owners and charterers, but much more an efficient way towards independence. For crew and skipper, it is unlimited self-determination and absolute individual freedom - The MEBREX  SAVIOUR BP 1.4.


12 Volt

  • Nominal voltage 12V DC
    Nominal power min. 0.6 KW / max. 1.1 KW
    max. Strom 90A
    Lieferbar Früjahr 2024

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MEC 1.4

24 Volt

  • Nominal voltage 24V DC
    Nominal power min. 0.6KW / max. 1.6K
    max. current 60A


Das    MEBREX Team   has been dealing with the topic of hybrid systems for a very long time, which in turn serves as a power supply for a battery storage system through a motor & motor and generator unit..

This system can be used very effectively in the power supply of yachts.
The big difference to conventional systems is that renewable energy (photovoltaics) and battery storage can be operated in parallel with the MEB system ("MEB energy boost").
To be able to explain this briefly, here are the differences between your conventional and the Savior MEB system.
Current situation when operating additional equipment such as air conditioning.

Air conditioning systems are mostly connected to the 230V system, which requires the use of an alternator when staying in bays (without shore power).

Although yachts are mostly equipped with battery storage and more and more often with photovoltaics (PV), these systems cannot be operated together with the 230V system. So these are worthless during generator operation..

AIn addition, the alternator must be running as long as the air conditioning is on. This can also be 24 hours a day.

Disadvantages of the current retrofits and their operation:

Due to the long periods of use, AC generators must be designed for double the power required to supply consumers on board.

In most systems, the generator must be switched on and off manually.

The use of the PV in combination with the battery storage is not applicable during generator operation.

Even if generators work quietly nowadays, a long operating time is still annoying. Exhaust fumes are also emitted which are noticeable in the vicinity of the boat (in a wonderful bay) with a lasting duration.


Advantages of 24V installation and operation:
After finding a good way to retrofit air conditioning and generators, we couldn't help but think about what a reasonable and efficient solution for the original equipment of yachts in the 21st century could look like.

In order to enable the built-up PV systems on boats to have more yield, more attention must be paid to the storage blocks in the boats. What use are tens of kilowatt hours if they lie there and slumber to supply a few smaller consumers?

Why not change the onboard system? What forces me to stick with 12V? Nothing!

The trucks have been showing us for decades that everything can be done with 24V. 48V systems are already being used in cars. So we set about putting a 24V system on paper.

Air conditioning, oven, television, microwave oven and various other little helpers are available on the market with 24V. These aggregates could be powered directly from the battery. If the female gender needs a hair dryer to dry their hair, the inverter would be responsible for this experience. Shore power could keep the batteries in good condition via the charge controller in the inverter. The on-board engine or the doldrums slide could supply the battery during use. And only when they have stopped working and the PV and the battery are weakening would the MEBREX Savior BP 1.4 start its service.

It is often forgotten that large consumers such as air conditioning or heating have high starting currents, but only use their power at short intervals. And to cover peak currents, there is nothing better than a battery. Using an alternator for this is not efficient.

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